4.5 cm Rattlin Hornet produces at Driekoppies Dam

01 August 2016
Author: Shaun Fredriksson


The 4,5 rattlin Hornet came to my rescue at a recent LBT competition held at Driekoppies dam. On arrival, we found that the water had turned reducing the visibility drastically. Our hopes of sight fishing for spawning bass was out of the question. We started the day targeting areas that normally held fish. Throwing spinnerbaits and plastics we only managed to boat one keeper. I then turned to the Rattlin Hornet and instantly started catching one fish after the other! I was not sure if the tiny hooks would hold on a big fish but they soon proved themselves as I hooked and landed a fish over 2kgs! I went on to land a good number of keepers to end the day in 5th position!


I found the fish holding in flooded timber and fished the lure as one would a square bill, bouncing the lure against and over the timber. The Rattlin Hornet comes through the thickest timber with ease. Most of the takes came as the lure bounced off the structure. Due to the structure, I had to put on a lot of pressure to keep the fish from wrapping me up. I was amazed at the strength and quality of the hooks as I did not lose a single fish that day!