Hornet Pro Light spinning rod

The Hornet Pro Light rod is ideal for targeting trophy yellowfish because it gives anglers the following benefits:

  1. The rod comes in a 2 piece model which allows anglers to pack it away easily when travelling in your vehicle. You can also pack it away when you need to move through rapids on an inflatable/kayak or when passing overhanging trees/reeds on an inflatable/kayak.
  2. The rod has a soft tip which prevents hook pulls, but it has enough backbone to land trophy fish (it has landed a 24 kg river catfish). The soft tip also allows anglers to get the best action out of their Rattlin Hornets as it allows the lure to have a wider wobble. Perfect for fishing with 4.5 and 5.5 cm Rattlin’ Hornets.
  3. At a length of 7.8 ft, the extra length allows anglers to attain greater casting distance which makes a major difference in results when targeting skittish yellowfish in clear waters.
  4. The stylish look of the rod will please Salmo fans.