Sting is a classic twitchbait with a delicate and fine action. Its slender body imitates many of the species of prey fish that predators in both lakes and rivers survive. Colours are either very imitative, or classic fantasy. This makes choosing the right one for your fishing situation easy. Built in rattle adds to the lure’s attraction. It’s also worth mentioning the toughness and durability of this lure – the steel frame recently tested to over 40 kilos breaking strength of for a 9cm model!


  • Available sizes: 9 cm
  • Available versions: Suspendimg (SP)
  • Internal rattle system
  • Super Tough Ultra Sonic Welded Plastic Construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

SXS (Sexy Shad)


RYP (Real Yellow Perch)


HBL (Holo Bleak)


HCL (Holo Clown)

When casting in rivers and streams we cast across the current and retrieve slowly. The floating version is very useful for when allowed to float downstream to good predator holding spots before beginning the retrieve. For more lively predators such as asp or seatrout you should increase the retrieve speed, and keep the rod tip high to prevent the lure diving too deeply. The suspending Sting s will hold their depth when the retrieve is stopped without sinking, that suspending moment can provoke the most sluggish of predators; once you have the lure at the desired depth you should retrieve it with a series of soft pulls (0.5 to 1 m) and pauses, during the pauses watch the line carefully and prevent it from falling slack so you can see gentle takes and set the hooks effectively. For trolling the Sting works equally well with or without additional weights, to attain greater depth a weight should be fixed 1m in front of the lure.

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S9S SUSPENDING 9 79 TWO-NO. 4.0 0,23