Redbreast Kurper on Salmo in the Lowveld

I recently targeted redbreast Tilapia and found the experience to be unique in the way I caught this species. It is one of our countries most beautiful species and to be tried by every angler at some time. Targeting shallower sections of a dam like a warmer bay area with the Salmo Hornet (size 1 to size3) proved effective. They just slam these lures on a normal slow retrieve over the nests. Read More

4.5 cm Rattlin Hornet produces at Driekoppies Dam

The 4,5 rattlin Hornet came to my rescue at a recent LBT competition held at Driekoppies dam. On arrival we found that the water had turned reducing the visibility drastically. Our hopes of sight fishing for spawning bass was out of the question.

We started the day targeting areas that normally held fish. Throwing spinnerbaits and plastics we only managed to boat one keeper. I then turned to the Rattlin Hornet and instantly started catching one fish after the other! Read More

Winter jerkbait fishing at Loskop dam

Loskop dam in Mpumalanga has been described as the lake of a thousand casts in Largemouth bass circles. There is definitely some truth to that, as this can be an extremely daunting venue to fish.

However this piece of water holds some great quality fish, and when you take the time to do some preparation, and lady luck is on your side, you can meet face to face with some of these clear water lunkers. Read more

Winter Lowveld Yellows

Late autumn through winter and into spring are some of the best times of the year to fish for yellows. The rivers are at their lowest and as result the fish are more concentrated.

Low water levels make wading up river much easier, giving access to areas which are normally unreachable in the rainy season. What really makes this time of year special is the beauty of the warm winter colours reflecting in the crystal clear waters and the joy of watching the fish swimming around! Read more

Catfish on Hornets at the Vaal Barrage

DSC_0684During the recent SAALAA Nationals held at the Vaal Barrage, I experienced great results on Salmo Hornets. During the second practice day, my dad and I, decided to try for catfish at Cloudy Creek.

Cloudy Creek normally hosts loads of catfish and it is the ideal place to catch catfish via trolling. This inlet of the Vaal Barrage has almost no structure in the main body which makes it ideal for the trolling technique as there is little chance of getting stuck while trolling. Read more

Grunter on Minnow

12898329_578130259004243_4997544101936579399_oThe life-like action of the Salmo Minnow triggered this spotted grunter on the Gouritizrivier. The bill / body / half eye position on this lure is probably one the best around.

This combination secures a very special lure reaction best described in my books, as a “wobation” (something between a wobble and a vibration). It is a forgiving lure, meaning that you can vary by design or default your retrieve speed without killing the movement of the lure. Read more

Smashing Bass at Middelburg Dam

IMG-20160428-WA0034Yesterday I experienced a super day of light tackle bass fishing at Middelburg Dam. Our initial targets were to try for some catfish and carp on lure, but we were welcomed with a cold front coming through. Due to the cold we saw very few carp and cats. Therefore we decided to try catching some bass.

Between three of us we nailed approximately 100+ bass for the day of which 90% were caught on 4 cm Hornets, 5 cm Hornets and 4.5 cm Rattling Hornets in Dace and Real Dace colour. Read more

Yellows on Hornets at the Vaal River, Parys

Decent Smallie on HornetAlthough Smallmouth yellowfish are a favourite species amongst fly anglers, they are not so commonly targeted on lure. On a recent visit to the Vaal River near Parys, I decided to target these strong fighters on the Salmo Hornet 2cm crankbait.

The section of the river I was fishing was a stained colour, which didn’t help me much. I used a small inflatable boat with battery motor to navigate the river and find spots with some potential to hold smallmouths. Read more