SPARKY SHAD is a wobbler with unusual Delta cross section. This unique construction and special weight balance give this lure a very original action that is virtually impossible to find in the other mass produced lures. During a slow retrieve, Sparky Shad has the action that is a combination of strong side strokes and wide tail swings. However, when the speed is increased, its amplitude significantly decreases and the vibration frequency increases up to a value that cannot be found in any other similar lures. This is not only due to unique weight balance but also because of a unique, multi-angle lip design which makes this lure work perfectly in all conditions. Those qualities make Sparky Shad a real treat for both casters and trollers alike. Sparky Shad is recommended for virtually all predatory fresh water fish – you can use it on perch, trout, zander, chub and ide.


  • In the Salmo offer since 2014
  • Available size: 4 cm
  • Available version: Floating (F)
  • 3 deadly colours
  • Internal Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS)
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Internal rattle system
  • Super tough ultrasonic welded plastic construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually hand tuned & tank tested
  • Premium quality treble hooks designed in Japan

YHP (Yellow Holo Shad)

SHS (Silver Holo Shad)

GT (Green Tiger)

Sparky Shad is a universal lure which you can use to catch a majority of predatory fish you can think of. You can use it both in lakes and rivers. After throwing the lure, first, you need to give it a little twitch that will move the internal weight forward and give it the optimal stability and steady action. The best retrieve is to reel it in with varied speed, and with some pauses and twitches mixed in. The unique design of the casting system (Salmo Infinity Cast System), causes the internal weight to move forward after the strong twitch and shift the lure’s centre of gravity. This, on the other hand, makes Sparky Shad to rapidly jerk sideways. When the movement is stopped, the weight goes back to its original place and again stabilises the action of the lure. Because of this feature, any angler with a little practice can get a truly unique and original action from this lure that will be irresistible even for less active fish. Absolutely always make sure that you line is tight, because the vicious strike on Sparky Shad can happen any moment.

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