RATTLIN’ HORNET The World ranks the Salmo Hornet as one of the best lures of all time. Now Salmo has introduced the Rattlin’ Hornet, a floating/diving crankbait created in cooperation with the best American anglers. Expect the same rod shaking action that has made the Classic Hornet one of the best fish catchers ever. Trolling or casting, the Rattlin’ Hornet is a new generation of Salmo lure that changes forever what anglers should expect from a small bite size crankbait.


  • In the Salmo offer since – 2015
  • Available sizes: 3,5 cm, 4,5 cm and 6,5 cm
  • Available versions: Floating (F) and Sinking (S)
  • 6 Deadly effective colours
  • Internal Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS)
  • 3D eyes
  • Internal rattle system
  • Super tough ultra sonic welded plastic construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium quality Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip

GT (Green Tiger)

HP (Hot Perch)

GFP (Gold Fluo Perch)


SXS (Sexy Shad)


SHS (Silver Holographic Shad)


YHP (Yello Holographic Perch)


CB (Chartreuse Blue)


RC (Red Crawdad)

Chartreuse Shad

CHS (Chartreuse Shad)

Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet can be used in many ways and is effective in almost any situation. It’s a very versatile lure which you can use to catch nearly any predatory fish you can think of. All the standard methods of lure fishing will work the Rattlin’ Hornet. This lure is excellent for upstream fishing, just keep the retrieve speed slightly faster than the current speed. It also works well fished downstream, hold the lure in place over deeper spots where you expect the larger specimens to be. For lakes and reservoirs it’s great for both trolling and casting. We fish with the Rattlin’ Hornet the same way as with the majority of other floating lures – varying the retrieve speed with frequent pauses and gentle twitching with the rod tip. Trolling the Rattlin’ Hornet works equally well, both with ‘free line’ method and with additional weight fixed minimum 1m in front of the lure. Absolutely always make sure that your line is tight, because the vicious strike on Rattlin’ Hornet can happen just about any time it’s in the water!

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Model Version Length (CM) Weight (G) Hooks RECOMMENDED MONO/BRAIDED LINE (MM) Diving Depth (M)
H3.5 FLOATING 3,5 3,1 TWO-NO. 4 0,22/0.12 1.0/1.8
H4.5 FLOATING 4,5 6 TWO-NO. 8 0,22/0,12 1,8/3,5
H5.5 FLOATING 5,5 10,5 TWO-NO. 8 0,22/0,12 2,0/4,0
H6.5 FLOATING 6,5 20 TWO-NO. 4 0,25 2,5/5,0